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50 Inch Corinthian Bells

Our most popular midsize chime, the 50" T516 is a proven favorite of many windchime enthusiasts. Its tones closely match the singing range of most people.

Overall Length (Inches): 50"

Number of Tubes: 6

Hand-Tuned to Scale: A

Diameter of Tubes: 1 1/2"

Length of Longest Tube (inches): 27 3/4"

Notes in Chime: A, B, C#, E, F#, A

Weight: 11.00 lbs

Brand: Corinthian BellsĀ®

Green 50"
Black 50"
Black 50"
Copper Vein 50"
Rudy Splash 50"
Patina Green 50"
Midnight Blue 50"